Great for families

Download great activities for kids of all ages.

Nature Spotting 

Skipton Castle Woods is a wild playground; a perfect place for kids to get closer to nature.

Let your little ones explore the woodland at their own pace as they discover bugs, birds and trees with our Spirit of the Hunter nature spotter activity sheet, inspired by our medieval willow hunter sculpture.

Look out for herons on the banks of Eller Beck and kingfishers around the Round Dam Pond as they fly low over the water.

Sneak a peek under fallen deadwood and stones to see what creatures hide beneath and watch out for the bubbles on the beck as fish come up to the surface.

Skipton Castle Woods Nature Spotter Sheet (PDF 5.2MB)

Nature Detectives!

Nature Detective activities are great for families who want to enjoy outdoor fun at their own pace and at a time that suits them.

You can download hundreds of activities from the Woodland Trust website to make the most of your visit including collecting box ideas, games, trails and much more. 

Activities are aimed at all ages and seasons so kids can choose their own project or game before exploring the woodland. 

You can also join Nature Detectives Family Membership for exciting stuff through your letter box each season as well as other surprises.